You can find the following special items in the game:

  • Nets
  • Marks
  • Bombs
  • Plasma
  • Balls
  • Ingredients
  • Platforms
  • Leaves
  • Containers

A Net

A Net is an item that prevents jellies from moving underneath it.

A Net can be removed by making any two item matches underneath it or by using the Blaster or Gravity Ray.

A Mark

A Mark is a special item that marks a jelly.

To collect the Mark, use the marked jelly in a match.

A Plasma Ball

A Plasma Ball is a special item you need to lead along a path to complete a level.

A Bomb

A Bomb is a special item with a timer.

At every move the timer is reduced by 1. If it reaches 0, the Bomb will explode, and the level will be lost.

The Bomb can be destroyed by making a match with it, as well as by using any booster.