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Three aliens, Yota, Kappa and Nour, came to Earth with a very important secret mission. But as they were landing their ship crashed into a satellite antenna on the roof of a house! The aliens can easily repair their ship, but during the accident they lost all their power boosters, and without power the ship can't take off!

The Earth's inhabitants – an entire village of advanced beetles – think the power boosters are candy and sweet jellies, and they're dragging them straight in their mouths! That's why the aliens will have to take a chance and take the boosters right out of their enemies' hands.

A super-secret mission awaits you: help your little space brothers! Collect sweet energy-boosting items along with Yota, Kappa, and Nour, don't let those wacky candy-loving Earthlings eat them! Overcome obstacles, play with your friends, and make new ones!


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